Home-Building Theft Ideas That Didn’t Work – Unbelievable and Amazing Story

I was working with another carpenter about 25 years ago and he told me a story that I would never forget. He said that he was working in a neighborhood, where the crime rate was incredibly high. They were instructed not to leave any of their tools outside of their vehicles, because they wouldn’t be there very long.The first day that he worked on the job, the plumber laid all of the copper water supply pipes in the foundation. The plumber finished the job, and by the time he returned the next day all of the copper was gone. Someone came in later that evening and stole all of the copper pipe.The builder told the plumber that it wouldn’t happen again, he was going to get a security fence installed later that day. The plumber purchased some more materials and almost finished installing everything, but there just wasn’t enough time in the day.The next day when the builder and the plumber arrived on the job site, not only was the copper plumbing pipes gone, but the entire security fence was no longer there. What the heck is going on… is this really that bad of a neighborhood, I can’t believe it.The builder was extremely upset and told the plumber that he needed to get the pipes in, so that he could pour the foundation and they wouldn’t have to worry about it again. The builder said that he would guarantee that the plumbing pipes wouldn’t be stolen again.The plumber went back to work and installed the copper pipes for a third time as he watched the builder install a new security fence. This time the builder wasn’t going to take any chances, he hired a security guard with two guard dogs.This ought to do it said the builder, let’s see what’s going to happen tonight. The builder felt pretty confident that nothing was going to happen, even though he didn’t like paying for these extra services.They arrived at the job site the next day, only to find out that the guard and his dogs weren’t on the property. Neither was the security fence or the copper plumbing pipe. It’s hard to imagine that something like this happened, but the builder ended up pulling the plug on the project and leaving the property like it was.If you’re new to the home building, things like these happen in some neighborhoods and you need to be aware of it. I’ve heard worse stories than these, so don’t expect every job to go as planned all the time.