Green Home Building Predictions for 2011

Tiger Woods will win in 2011! I love New Year’s lists… what happened and what will. I’m betting the Golf Magazine’s forecast will come true – what about Green Home Building?Eight Green Predictions1. Green Green Green
You’ll continue to hear less – Green – Green – Green. People will become more “Green” with less of the Flash and Bling. Green will become the Norm! Coloring a cleaning liquid green won’t fool us anymore – we know more about what’s good for us. What happened to all the Hollywood Stars who were “Green” a couple of years ago? I’m glad it’s not so fashionable but hope it doesn’t stop being COOL.2. Lawyers Guns and Money
The Real Estate Crash cut off one arm of the Green Warrior – “It’s only a flesh wound!!” Spending money on building and remodeling virtually disappeared over the last year. If not the bottom – we are at 90% of the price reductions on real estate prices. The massive backlog of homes will continue to be absorbed. Banks – or others – will start lending more money…. and the real estate market will slowly start to turn around! And… Green practices will be a big part of the turnaround.3. Cal Green – Green Building Codes
Coming soon in your area!!! Green Building Codes – Check out the all New CLICK HERE California Green Building Code. Watch for your State to start implementing “Green” Building Codes. This will have an interesting effect on all of the 100’s of “Green” programs out there. No longer will Green be a badge of “The Greeniest” but a requirement for all construction.4. Water Water Where?
Who owns the water systems in your City? Some say water is the next oil!!! We’ve only just begun to hear about water issues and you’ll hear a lot more in 2011: clean water to drink – cost of water at your tap – broken down infrastructure – drought – storm water issues. The long fore granted water at the tap will mean more to all of us each time we turn the valve.5. Solar Electricity
You’ll see more and more solar photovoltaic panels. Prices continue to drop. They are simple to install and require almost no maintenance. Americans love “plug and play.” The increase in solar systems will also be pushed as Cities and States continue to come up with inventive ways to provide incentives for solar. You can already do a zero down leaseback on a solar system. Also new efficient electric products will work with solar systems – check out magnetic induction cook tops – two new all electric cars the Nissan Leaf and the GM Volt.6. Net Zero The New Green
The new trend in Green Building is Net Zero. Buildings will create more power than they use – maybe even enough to power your car too! Look for cutting edge designs to dominate the public interest -see The??? House Challenge. Driven by rising costs of fuel and in-dependency from the “Grid,” Net Zero Homes will be the new badge of the best!7. Gas $4 Bucks a Gallon
You heard it here first – without any scientific proof! – I predict gas will be over $4 a gallon by the end of the year! Not only will gas go up but so will all sources of energy. I base this not on some economic theory but on the huge world wide demand of the massive industrial growth in Asia.8. Storms
More weird weather coming! What’s up with the weather – New York City boiled last summer. Hopefully you weren’t on a plane ride through Kennedy this Christmas! The blizzard closed the city! Australia is experiencing 100 year floods. Look for strange and abnormally powerful weather systems to continue to be the norm.Happy New Year and Keep Building Green!